Healthy soil is the pathway for healthy vegetation growth. Both topsoil and compost play an essential role in shaping the nutritional value of soil used for vegetation farming or gardening purposes. Soil is the base layer of any landscaping, farming or gardening project and the source through which plants receive sufficient amounts of nutrition. Thus, contact a reliable dealer for the best quality compost and topsoil in Leeds.

What should you use to increase the nutritional value of the soil? Here are a few points of difference to help you decide between topsoil and compost.

What is Topsoil, and When Should you Use it?

As the name goes, topsoil is simply the topmost layer of soil above the bedrock. It is generally rich in nutrients and contains high amounts of organic matter. Topsoil is a key component because it helps in the proper growth of plants. Applying topsoil on the land will retain the nutrients, water and air in the soil and promote the proper source of nutrients for the plants. Moreover, topsoil has microbes that help to break down the organic content and boost the development of the plant.

If the existing layer of soil on your land could be better in texture, then using topsoil is a feasible option. Most gardeners prefer adding a layer of topsoil before the spring seasons, just before they plan to plant the trees. You can get ample amounts of topsoil in Leeds from different suppliers.

What is Compost, and When Should you Use it?

Compost is made of organic matter that gets decomposed and mixed into the soil. The compost generally contains food leftovers, yard waste, garden waste, and other organic materials. It can be used as a natural source of fertiliser as well. Similar to topsoil, it can retain soil nutrients and water levels. However, applying compost is labour-intensive, and the growth process will be accelerated slowly in the plants. Moreover, compost can create odour with time and create an unhealthy environment in and around the garden.

Which One to Choose?

Depending on the texture of the soil, you must decide to buy either compost or topsoil. Since the topsoil is heavily loaded with minerals, hence they act fast. On the other hand, the compost takes time to act swiftly. Moreover, it is advisable to use compost combined with topsoil to get the required outcome.

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