A Guide to a Wide Range of Turf

There are mainly two basic categories of turf, Ornamental and Hard Wearing.


These turfs are great for a lawn and can relax you with their appearance. The key advantages include the following:

Good Growth in Most Conditions: Ornamental grass is the combination of various types of grass, meaning you are most likely to have good growth of it in several conditions.

Modest Demands: This type of turf doesn’t require much maintenance and can last with just mowing and one feed. Occasional raking is also advised to maintain its best condition.

Looks Great: If you desire a typical green landscaped garden, this is the best option for you as they are designed to look beautiful.

Resistant to Shade: These grasses can withstand shady areas. So, if your garden has a lot of shrubbery and trees, you can go for it.

Hard Wearing

Easy Maintenance: Once these turfs are laid, you don’t need to pay much attention to make them look good.
Hard Wearing: As the name suggests, it can resist daily wear and tear, making it ideal for gardens with high footfall.
The other types of turf include:

Stadium Turf: This type of turf is ideal for a family garden with a significant proportion of Rye Grasses, which makes it hard wearing and low maintenance as well.

Rye Gold Turf: This is similar to stadium turf but a harder wearing version. If your garden is more prone to wear and tear as compared to the average family garden, like pets, running around or a bigger family than usual, this is the great choice for you. Its fine blades make it look more aesthetically appealing and durable.

Budget Turf: If you are tight on budget and cannot afford an expensive option, Budget Turf is the one for you. These are similar to stadium turf but a little lower grade.
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