Turfgrasses found with the turf suppliers in Leeds are a special group of grasses that can withstand traffic and mowing. They are distinct from the tall grasses you may find by a beach. The type of the grass depends on the climate.

Healthy Turfgrass has a Variety of Advantages, Including

  • They generate oxygen to improve the quality of the air.
  • Carbon sequestration in soil.
  • It lowers air temperatures compared to artificial turf or hardscapes like buildings, roads, and walkways. In urban landscapes, this is significant.
  • It supports the soil ecosystem in its ability to collect and hold onto rain and snowmelt water to release it back into our groundwater systems.
  • Sports facilities, parks, and other recreational spaces increase the economic value of our communities.
  • Providing a green area where people can unwind and take in the scenery.

Lawns must have good conditions to benefit the environment properly. To create and maintain a high-quality lawn, management choices should be made in several vital areas:

  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Labour (mowing)
  • Soil

Your lawn will remain gorgeous and prepared for summertime fun with proper mowing, fertiliser, and other lawn care suggestions. 

The finest methods for maintaining turfgrass have been examined and documented by scientists. The following is a quick explanation of the actions that must be taken to maximise grass health, emphasising reducing the time and resources devoted to your lawn. Different grass species require different upkeep techniques; to learn more about these, speak with turf suppliers in Leeds or look into scientific resources tailored to your place.

Mowing Advice

Most of the turf thrives when mowed at 3 to 4 inches. The mowing high enables the grass to develop deeper roots. As a result, you need to mow less frequently and use less water.

Selection of the Seed or Sod

You may reconsider the reseeding or siding; it will improve the turf variety when your lawn is in disrepair. 

Maintaining your Lawn

Due to traffic or development, the soil beneath your lawn may get compacted. As a result, plants cannot develop deep roots or absorb water and nutrients. If you want to cultivate grass to lessen thatch, boost roots, and improve water infiltration and soil aeration, consider using an aerator.

At Greenland Turf and Top Soil Supplies, we have members and researchers. They are trained and certified in the areas of growing turfgrass. We assure you that we provide the best quality turf for your lawn. Contact our team of experts to place the order. We are always there to help you.