Topsoil is the top layer of the soil. Usually, it ranges between 2-8 inches in depth. This layer of the soil contains living organisms and humus. Topsoil plays a significant role in plant growth. If the topsoil of your lawn is missing the necessary characteristics, you can buy topsoil in Leeds from a reputed company. There are specific steps you should follow while spreading topsoil. If you aren’t aware of these steps, you can’t make the most of the topsoil when it comes to plant growth.

What are the Steps Involved in Spreading Topsoil?

Below is the stepwise approach for spreading topsoil:

  • Selecting suitable topsoil: You will come across different types of topsoil. But not every kind will go well with your soil quality. Hence, you have to be selective in your approach. If you want access to suitable topsoil, you must have a concrete knowledge of the right combination of clay and sand. Ensure enough airflow between these materials, or else your soil will break.
  • Find the perfect tools for spreading topsoil: The right tools are critical for your lawn’s health. There are specific tools with which you can distribute the topsoil evenly. The requirement of tools varies between landscapes.
  • Spread the topsoil: Now, you need to spread the topsoil. However, applying the topsoil varies from small to large yards. In large yards, the process is executed using the tools. If your property is small, you can spread the topsoil by hand.
  • Add aeration to the soil: Soil aeration is required for your lawn breathing. It also fosters the healthy existence of your plants. If your garden doesn’t have aeration, it will result in drainage issues. Hence, you need to ensure that the topsoil has air pockets, and the layers must be 1-2 inches thick. Also, the topsoil should reach around 6-8 inches of depth into the ground.
  • Planting: After preparing the soil, it’s time to plant your preferred trees on the lawn. You need to follow the guidelines while planting trees. You need to have a concrete knowledge of your plants and their suitable conditions.

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