The rich upper layer of soil in the lawn is popularly termed topsoil. It is an important requirement for the healthy growth of all kinds of plants. The soil layer is at least 5-10 inches deep and has a high concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. This layer has the natural advantage of increased biological soil activity that enhances plant growth.

The Need for Good Quality Topsoil:

Whether you plan to grow a flower bed or flatten your patchy lawns, you need premium-quality topsoil. It is rich in mineral particles and organic elements, which help your garden space attain a natural look. So, along with effective plant growth, you can use this soil layer to enhance your property’s aesthetic value.

How to Effectively Use Topsoil in Your Garden?

Here is a list of ideas to help you use topsoil in Leeds in various ways. Consider it a guide to improving your garden space effectively.

  • Grow Flower Beds: Topsoil is not commonly used in container gardens. Gardeners use a separate mix known as potting soil. However, if you want to grow flower beds on ground level, you must definitely use quality topsoil. It provides optimum drainage options for plants, shrubs, and trees. Adding a fresh layer of topsoil helps replenish nutrients, which nourish the plants and flowers.
  • Improving Uneven, Patchy Lawns: After settling, you may spot areas in your lawn needing improvement. In such cases, you must apply the top dressing technique. It is a simple process where you put topsoil on the uppermost layer of the lawn grass. Ensure adding a thin layer of soil. This promotes the growth of healthy grass without damaging the existing turf.
  • Promoting Better Drainage at Lawn: Applying lawn topsoil helps hold the flowing water. This plays a vital role in improving the drainage of the area. For better results, you must incorporate sandy topsoil with organic matter. Add compost or pine bark and implement it on the existing soil to a depth of at least 12 inches. This will create good drainage in the root zone of the plants.

These are a few useful uses of topsoil in your garden. It can improve the garden area significantly and make it a perfect place for growing different types of plants. To source topsoil from a reliable source, contact Greenlands Turf & Topsoil Supplies Ltd. We are one of the most prominent topsoil suppliers in Leeds, and we can be perfect for your garden and lawn. For more information, you can visit our website today.