Are you confused about laying turf? Let us be clear that it’s a simple task but needs guidance. Besides, you must ensure that you buy them from reliable and experienced turf suppliers in Leeds. Here’s the complete guide to laying the turf.

Turf Laying Guide For the Perfect Finish

Start by Preparing the Ground First

This step is a vital step to ensure a healthy new lawn. Not preparing the ground can impact the end result. Hence, putting in some time and effort is worthwhile.

  • Take off the existing turf using a spade. We suggest hiring an expert to ease the process.
  • Next comes turning over the soil thoroughly using a powered cultivator or a spade.
  • Remove weeds, stones, old turf and other dirt particles from the area.

     1. Raking

Make sure to level the ground prior to laying turf. Besides, the surface also needs to be firm but make sure it’s not compacted. So, rake the area to achieve a level surface.

     2. Ordering

After the first two steps, your area will be ready for laying the turf. First, you need to measure the lawn area accurately. You can also contact a reliable turf supplier to guide you through this. Next, you need to choose the turf type per your garden requirements. Make sure to lay turf as soon as it is delivered, typically within 24 hours.

    3. Laying the Turf

Use turfing boards or planks to work, and don’t walk straight on the new lawn. Your turf supplier may also give you a pre-turfing fertiliser. This fertiliser helps the turf get off to the best start. Then start unrolling one strip of turf. You must ensure the underside of the turf is in contact with the soil beneath. Lay the next strip along the longest straight run and keep on working across the lawn, strip by strip, developing a brickwork-like pattern.

   4. Watering

Watering helps the newly laid turf to root in and get off to a good start. Ensure the water has soaked through to the soil under the turf layer.

 5. Feeding & Mowing

As your turf supplier regarding what you should feed to the turf. Whereas mowing depends on which time of the year you’re laying the turf. Generally, the turf must be ready for its first mow within two weeks of laying.

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