Are you planning to lay artificial turf in your front yard? Walking down the soft green grass certainly feels good and makes heads turn. Artificial turf will certainly add to the aesthetics of the house. However, an improperly laid turf can damage the complete look of the exteriors. Hence, try installing artificial turf only with others. Rather, hire professionals for the job. You’ll come across many turf suppliers in Leeds who can help you with the same. They have experience and know the proper way of laying turf over the surface around the perimeter.

On the contrary, you might make mistakes if you lay the turf all by yourself. Want to know more? Read on.

What are the Mistakes for DIY Turf Installation?

  • Improper Drainage Process

Before laying the artificial turf, you need to plan for the drainage process on the surface where the turf is being placed. You’ll take advantage of this point as a novice in these matters. This can result in improper drainage facilities. During the monsoons, puddles and pools of water will form underneath the turf. It will not only damage the quality of the turf but also defeat the purpose of installing the same.

  • Neglecting Weed Barrier

It is essential to install a weed barrier on the lawn before installation of the artificial turf. This ensures that weed breakout doesn’t occur in the lawn. Weed breakouts can damage the quality of the turf, and hence, the same should be prevented. Many people make the mistake of not installing a weed barrier before placing artificial turf.

  • Improper Base and Uneven Surface

If you install the artificial turf on an uneven surface, you will need help walking barefoot. Hence, it is essential to create a granite sub-base to rule out the unevenness from the surface. If you do not do the same, you’re making a mistake by installing the turf.

  • Shortage of Artificial Turf

Novice people who try to install artificial turf only measure the surface and perimeter of the property after ordering the artificial turf. Hence, there can be a shortage of the same while installing the same. This is a grave mistake as this damages the aesthetics of the property.

  • Laying in the Wrong Angle

Another common mistake many people tend to make while installing artificial turf is selecting the wrong angle for the installation process. Placing the turf at the wrong angle will make it look bad and damage the same under high footfall traffic.

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