Topsoil is the real hero of our gardens, but many homeowners don’t know about it and its uses. By reading this blog, you will learn about it and the much-needed factors to buy the right topsoil in Leeds.

What is Topsoil?

By its name, you can surely understand that it’s the topmost layer of soil. It is extremely beneficial when it comes to adding new flower beds, straightening surfaces before laying turf, or filling up big holes.

There are different grades of topsoil. Some are full of nutrients, while others are perfect for industrial uses. It’s always better to go after a nutrient and organic profile which doesn’t need any fertilisers.

Grades of Topsoil Available to Purchase

Three grades of topsoil are available in the market – economy, premium and general purpose. Please scroll down and find out their best uses.

  • Economy topsoil

This is the cheapest option. This topsoil is not processed and doesn’t contain nutrients. It is appropriate to cover big holes. Economy topsoil lacks organic matter and contains high levels of phytotoxins, zootoxins, weed seeds, and roots. So, this is not for laying turf on vegetables or plants.

  • General purpose topsoil

This topsoil is rich in nutrients. It is an excellent option for plant growth but may include gravel and lumps. Sometimes, it may come in different screen sizes. Choose the one that is ideal to meet your needs.

  • Premium grade topsoil

This is by far the best quality topsoil available in the market. It doesn’t contain any biotoxins, weeds, gravel or twigs. Premium topsoil is high in nutrients and is perfect for seeds, growing flowers, and even turf.

Key Tips for Buying Topsoil

  • Know your needs

Before you start shopping for topsoil in Leeds, you must know the appropriate grade for your needs. You can figure this out if you know the reason behind using the topsoil. It’s best to choose economy topsoil to fill big holes. But, if you want to lay turf, or you are a passionate gardener, choose premium topsoil.

  • Examine the topsoil

It’s highly recommended to examine your topsoil before buying. A reliable supplier of topsoil can send you samples and will clear any doubts related to products, like their topsoil source.

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